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A 90 Days Online Course Crafted To Place You In Your Dream Land. 

Your success is a few clicks away! Please watch our short trailer for IELTS Online.

Here is what you will get:

Daily Live Classes Online -Interactive

You can login in to daily online virtual Class Room and participate in the class just like you attend a direct class. You can use a Smart Mobile, Tab or Computer to attend the class from anywhere in the world. 

Class Timings : 7 AM, 2 PM,  9.30 PM (IST)

Access to Portal of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking  Papers 

The complete materials for all the four papers of IELTS, namely Listening, Reading, Writing  which you can access at anytime from any part of the world. 

The lessons and materials are well-arranged systematically as daily units.  

Video Classes for English Proficiency 

A bunch of Video tutorials, step by step for each paper. You can enjoy the pleasure of learning at your ease and convenience from any part in the world. 

These are effective video classes for each subject organized for your quick understanding.  

5 Mock-Tests before the real test

Worried about the Test?

Don't worry! In our portal, you can appear for 5 mock-tests before your test which are just like a real test. 

Upgrading your English to International Standard 

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WhatsApp groups for daily assignments

This is another captivating area of this course where you can interact with your co-students and trainers in the WhatsApp groups for your batch. Here is where you get daily assignments and homework.

Please watch our Demo Class for IELTS Online -Daily Interactive Online Classes  

Please put your first footstep to your dreamland.  Be invited to watch this 20 minutes' online demo class for our IELTS course which will give you an overall understanding about how the classes take place


Please watch this demo which will lead you to a clear understanding about the listening section, its structure and types of questions. 

Key Highlight 4

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Key Highlight 5

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Key Highlight 6

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 IELTS -SPEAKING - Demo Class. 

This will lead you to a clear understanding of how you take part in interactive speaking class room. 

How do you join?

1. How do you study this course after joining?

Once you complete the payment, you will get login and password with  which you can login to this learning portal and attend all the classes. You will have video classes, learning materials and live classes.  Daily Online Live Classes using virtual class room will happen  at fixed time schedules. 

2. How will I get in touch with the trainers?

You will be added to our WhatsApp group for students where you can get in tuoch with all the trainers and co-students  of your batch. You will get all the instructions, daily live class links, daily materials through WhatsApp groups also , apart from this portal.

2. Is it self-study program?

No. It is highly interactive class with speaking sessions for all 4 papers of IELTS, namely Listening, Reading, writing and Speaking. You will be studying the same way study at a coaching institute like in a offline class.  However, you all also have the self study materials portal with which you can study and practice in other timings.  So, it is a combination of both.

3. How is this course different from other online courses?

As it might have already caught your attention, most of the online courses around are simply video recordings  and it is in self-learning mode. You don't get to interact with the teachers or staff. Here, you will feel this is as good as a real institute where you are with human beings , such as your trainers, co-students and support staff. You will feel more secure and clear.

4. What kind of support is available via the Customer Support?

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Meet Sadik Uduma, the founder of Magic English Academy Online

A great visionary who brought the concept of online language training  into reality years ago, even before the common people or traditionally set institutes didn't even  dare think of such virtual learning platform.  He created a unique magical formula for English speaking courses and IETLS.   Originated from the land of Kerala, Cochin, Magic English Academy is now  catering to the learning requirements of thousands of language learners across the glob with his well-set up online Academy. He has a team of the most sought-after and well-trained tutors  who are dedicated and committed to providing quality classes.

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