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The most sought-after trainers who were specially trained for our curriculum  with a magical formula.

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A Magical Formula

No-where found formula for practical grammar and higher fluency. Must Experience it !

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Take home our PDF Materials from different sections of the  course. 

IELTS Online?  You have come to the right place!

IELTS is your passport to your dream country. Get it from the online and offline experts with our re-defined learning tools including TWO- WAY INTERACTIVE SPEAKING ONLINE CLASSES.

Get immediate access to all the four sections of IELTS namely: Listening, Reading, Writing &  Speaking.

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Advanced English Communication Course Online 

Speak beautiful & powerful English though our Advanced English Communication Mastery.

Still inside the cocoon because you can’t speak fluent English?
Let's help you emerge out of the cocoon with confidence and style.
Get rid of your shyness and all that is holding you back, through our online interactive speaking class rooms.  Get the driving force instilled inside that will keep you moving ahead.

    A Magical Formula for quick fluency     Interactive Speaking Class Room   Recording of your live class.   Super Rich Vocabulary    Accent Training  & More


Meet Our Team!

Our Team- Our Pride !  Magic English Academy is blessed to have the highly talented and incredibly committed team members who work beyond the expectations to fulfill our students'  dreams.

Sadik Uduma
Founder & Chief Trainer.

Sreedevi Ramdas
Trainer English, IELTS  & Training Head

Shabir  Shabry
Trainer: IELTS, Advanced English

Roy Pappachan
Trainer: IELTS, Advanced English

Aysha Rishad
Trainer, English & Advanced

Student Counselor

Dawn Mathew
Student Counselor 

Training  Coordinator

The Academy engineered to fit the demands of the Era!

          Online Academy for the new Century    -    Smart E-Learning Tools    -   Intelligently Crafted Curriculum   -    Well-Organized   -  Bound to Go Beyond Your Expectations.


Please watch this demo which will lead you to a clear understanding about the listening section, its structure and types of questions. 

Key Highlight 4

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Key Highlight 5

This is a great section to highlight a quick point about your course features in terms of its usage for the end user.

Key Highlight 6

This is a great section to highlight a quick point about your course features in terms of its usage for the end user.

 IELTS -SPEAKING - Demo Class. 

This will lead you to a clear understanding of how you take part in interactive speaking class room. 

Meet Sadik Uduma, the founder of Magic English Academy Online

A great visionary who brought the concept of online language training  into reality years ago, even before the common people or traditionally set institutes didn't even  dare think of such virtual learning platform.  He created a unique magical formula for English speaking courses and IETLS.   Originated from the land of Kerala, Cochin, Magic English Academy is now  catering to the learning requirements of thousands of language learners across the glob with his well-set up online Academy. He has a team of the most sought-after and well-trained tutors  who are dedicated and committed to providing quality classes.

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